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Welcome to Hand Knit Heaven!

Please call me to make an order. Been to a Show, Don't See what you are looking for? Popular Items sell quickly, please contact me for custom orders.

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Welcome to Hand Knit Heaven!

Hand Knit


hand knit products.

Kathy’s Heavenly Knits features unique hand knit apparel that is crafted using handpainted and handdyed yarn exclusively from Cherry Tree Hill Yarn. Hand painted yarns are made with exceptionally high quality colors and textures which in turn gives you a high quality garment.


Kathy’s Heavenly Knits makes beautiful hand knit garments for both casual and formal wear.  The collection of Shawls & Wraps are a favorite as they showcase the variety of hand painted yarns and patterns.  The hand knit Scarves are each unique in design, color and weight. They are very wearable with an evening dress, around the waist as a belt and around the neck in the winter.  Ponchos have returned to style, adding color and comfort to any wardrobe.  These patterns are versatile and coordinate well with dresses, slacks and jeans.  Essential in any of our northern climates, Kathy's Jackets & Coats are both warm and comfortable.   And for those chilly nights, add spice to any outfit with a hand knit Shrug or Vest. The fashionable collection of Leg & Hand Warmers are not only returning to popularity, but they are well-loved by those who suffer from cold hands and feet. Kathy's collection of hand knit Accessories are perfect for cool nights and winter months for both adults and children.  Kathy's Heavenly Knits are well-designed to bring you color, comfort and style for any climate or occasion.


Kathy enjoys finding unique patterns as well as designing new knitting patterns.  Kathy spends many hours creating variations of  existing patterns and substituting yarn weights to make a unique garment with stunning colors. Keep in mind, with hand painted yarn, you never get exactly the same color twice.  Each garment is distinctly "One of a Kind".


See something you like, but not in your color, special orders are always welcome . The yarn warehouse is right here in Barton, Vermont, so getting the yarn in a timely manner is never a problem. 


If you are going to be in the area, Kathy’s Heavenly Knits at 168 West Street, Barton is open by chance or by choice. Call and stop by to visit with Kathy White at her shop ( where you might find designs not always found on the website), or any one of the shows listed here.